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      AS series gas scissors AS series gas scissors HTR100W Digital lndication type transformer HTR100W Digital lndication type transformer CM40212 Electric grinding machine set group CM40212 Electric grinding machine set group CM5212 Electric grinding machine set group CM5212 Electric grinding machine set group

      About us

      Shanghai Too-Max Industrial Co., Ltd., founded by the former chairman of the Too-Max Industrial Limited by Share Ltd of Taiwan in 65 years, has been established for more than 40 years.


      Shanghai Too-Max is a professional company which integrates design, development, production and sales. At present, the company has the international advanced development and perfect enterprise management production degree, and has experienced professional design, engineering development technicians. Our company is currently producing the production of tension balancer, high-grade straight pneumatic grinding pen, high-grade curved angle pneumatic grinding pen, pneumatic carving pen, pneumatic polishing machine, pneumatic tapping machine, pneumatic reciprocating saw file, automatic multi axis locking screw system and so on.

      The company or the Japanese Chamber of the iron NILE pneumatic scissors, cable peel machine and MEERRY electric scissors / hand tools, and the Japanese Minimo (MINITOR) high precision grinding machine, and the Taiwan area general agent Chinese SFIDA brushless spindle and precision grinding consumables, and agent of British Desoutter pneumatic tools, British Kemet polishing with diamond paste, super oilstone Japanese GC and Japanese UNIX lead-free solder, finishing machine cutting machine and SONY machine screw plate, Japan ELM adhesive tape cutting machine, Japan YAESU adhesive tape cutting machine, Taiwan AEROMAX pneumatic tools and pneumatic tapping machine, Taiwan THB pneumatic components and source gas, Taiwan HST hand tools etc..

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